Mike Mayer is a co-founder of EID and has worked in public education, environmental learning, earth education, and interpretive services since the 1970s. His passion is helping others get excited about the natural and cultural wonders that surround us and that we are a part of every day. Emotional connections to experiences is what Mike likes to develop. These connections help the visitor build deeper meaning, lasting memories, and increase the likelihood folks will return for more. 

Since leaving the University of Arizona (UA) College of Education in 2008, Mike has remained active in environmental learning, earth education workshops and programs, and consultations in interpretive design. He is a long time Associate staff member of The Institute for Earth Education and the former International Training and International Translation Coordinator for the institute.

During graduate school and as a member of the interpretive design firms of Sycamore Associates and Van Matre, Johnson, Mayer & Siegenthaler he worked on projects in Illinois, Oregon and Arizona. In addition he has served as a residential camp administrator, center director, naturalist, classroom teacher, curriculum designer, and student advocate. He has used these opportunities to introduce earth education programs and innovative interpretive methods to others since 1976. His articles on earth education and the natural world have appeared in several publications and he has presented a variety of environmental topics at local, state, and national conferences. Mike has led dozens of earth education and program leadership workshops throughout the world and has helped coordinate the translation of earth education materials into nine different languages. 

Mike is currently affiliated with the UA Earth Education Research Evaluation Team, and is a member of the Advisory Team for the Cooper Center for Environmental Learning in Tucson.  Mike owns and operates a small business promoting the use of mesquite flour as a local food product in the desert. His passions are visiting sites throughout the world and analyzing how to better welcome, invite, guide and engage visitors at museums, parks, zoos and other visitor destinations.