Our Principles

Our principles are crafted for 21st century relevance and aim to position us in the present experience economy.

The principles have been distilled from the book, Interpretive Design and the Dance of Experience by Steve Van Matre. This comprehensive book is chock full of instructional and inspirational advice that uniquely addresses the Interpretive Design profession.


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 Celebrate the value of special places and earth's passengers

☼  Clarify the site's reason for being
☼  Address natural and cultural processes
☼  Coordinate design disciplines to reinforce essence
☼  Deepen connections between visitor and place


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 Focus interpretive passion within an integrated structure

☼  Set the stage for caring and welcoming
☼  Invite place - visitor relationships
☼  Heighten visitor awareness skills
☼  Craft sharing and doing, meaning and memories



    We promise to unearth subject matter you may expect (interpretive, museological, deep learning, communication, service design), and what you may not expect (customer relationships management, strategic collaboration, augmented intelligence, tourism philosophy, market analysis).



    We are in pursuit of interpretive design excellence wherever and whenever we find it so we can engage in yokoten tenkaisuru – which in Japanese literally means “unfold or open out sideways” – in order to share successful approaches across disciplines with others.