Curating attractive solutions

Our third in the December gift short series is a continuation about the Climate Change Museum.

In a time of social issues and upheaval, a place that focuses on curating attractive solutions has to be seen as capturing a relevant position in the civic engagement dialogue. Museum executive director Miranda Massie claims that italicized phrase as a guiding purpose of her work. Those solutions need to be aimed at the appropriate groups. The Climate Change Museum has an interesting approach when they look at goals and their target audiences:

  • captivate the distant  by illustrating unexpected links between climate and society, and facilitating climate conversations within and beyond our walls.

  • animate the demoralized by providing hope with solutions-focused content, climate success stories, and opportunities for collective action.

  • bring the experts together to help develop the next generation of innovative climate solutions and inspire new leaders.

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Ensuring you have a place in the public conscience means your institution becomes involved in important public conversations and avoids being left on the sidelines and forgotten about?

How well are you seen in your wider community of providing attractive solutions to relevant social and environmental issues? Are there any audiences you need to captivate and re-energize? Any demoralized audiences you need to animate? Any experts you need to bring together for inspiration?