Do you need a youth advisory council?

Our second mini insight in the December series:

The Climate Museum’s mission is to employ the sciences, art, and design to inspire dialogue and innovation that address the challenges of climate change, moving solutions to the center of our shared public life and catalyzing broad community engagement.

This mission is exciting on so many levels, however we will focus on the strategy to form a youth advisory council to help them design the what and how to accomplish their mission. How do you bring young voices to the conversation? The museum had hosted a climate change media creation workshop for high school students. After the students wrote and performed spoken word, designed subway ads, and created plans for a climate-themed music festival, museum staff realized they needed to tap into the students’ energy level. The youth advisory council was formed.

The museum’s vision is to be curated in part by and for young people to enable the public drawing together around the social justice, public health, and urban design challenges and opportunities presented by climate change.

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Do you have a youth engagement strategy?

Tomorrow we will highlight the idea of curating attractive solutions -something Miranda Massie, the museum executive director sees as her job.