How do you keep an exhibit up to date when data is continually rushing in?

This is the first of many short and sweet holiday season thought-provoking snippets coming your way this December. We, at EID, hope they provide continual insight and not regular annoyance. Expect a daily weekday dose, except after our part 2 Dancing with Bourbon full feature blog post coming mid month. We will give you a long weekend to digest and recover then start-up again on the Tuesday. Nibble on this:

The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York city has tried to tackle the unfolding story so you remain up-to-date. Visitors to most spaces in the museum meander through space and time, however one hall was given a makeover with the purpose of having people think deeply about our current moment—and the dynamic processes that brought us here. Guess what the topic is - climate change.

Guess who they turned to, to design the change? Interpreters of course - well no. The collaboration that created and prototyped new hall features involved scientists, user experience engineers, and educators under the leadership of the director of science visualization, and the vice president of exhibition (Of course some of those people may have been trained as interpreters but that is not how they refer to themselves).

Find out more about how AMNH went about this.

How have you solved this issue of staying topical regarding the subject matter you deal with? Are you staying relevant in your visitors’ eyes by keeping them in the loop with new advances ?

>> More on climate change tomorrow.